Using the CAS explorer

The Simulacrum is a synthetic database which replicates some of the data held within Public Health England (PHE). Within PHE, the cancer data is held within the Cancer Analysis System (CAS) database. The CAS contains up to 1,000 data items on each tumour, including information on demographics, staging, pathology, treatment and hospital use.  The Simulacrum mimics some of the data held within the CAS.

To help researchers understand data completeness and quality within the CAS, PHE have developed the CAS explorer.  Because the Simulacrum mimics only some of the data within the CAS, we recommend you use the CAS explorer to determine if the Simulacrum contains the data you need for your research.  You can also explore what other data is contained within the CAS if you would like to request ‘real’ data from Public Health England.

We created a guide to help you understand how to use the CAS explorer.

Click here to use the CAS Explorer.